Tommy´s Margarita

Tommy´s Margarita was created at Tommy´s Mexican Restaurant in San Francisco by Tequila expert Julio Bermejo. The bar, which is named after the founder and Julio´s father Tommy Bermejo, is the Mecca for Tequila lovers and bartenders from around the world. With over 400 different brands of Tequila it is remarcable that the bar´s cocktail menu has only one item: Tommy´s Margarita.

This is a very simple drink made with Tequila, freshly squeezed lime juice and Concentrado de agave served on the rocks. Optional, add a rim of sea salt to your glass.

Ingredients: 50 ml Tequila 100% agave – can be Blanco or Reposado 30 ml freshly squeezed lime juice 15 ml Concentrado de Agave
Process: Glass: Short glass
  1. Garnish the glass with  lime wedge and salt rim.
  2. Add all ingredients in a shaker, shake and strain.