Frequently Asked Questions

Why is BESO more fluid than other products?

BESO is created to dissolve in drinks quicker than a regular syrup, making it easier to dose as the main advantage. When creating BESO we found out that greater flavor was achieved with lower viscosity levels, so the concentration is less than the one you commonly find in regular squeezable bottles in supermarkets.

Is BESO a healthy product?

BESO Concentrado de Agave is a natural sweetener with low GI, purely made of Agave, containing a high degree of agave fructose. While too much of anything is never healthy, the product is rich in energy levels, but as long as it’s mixed in food and drinks, it is a better alternative as it’s less aggressive to the teeth and lowers the risk if you don’t want to subject your body to a sweetener that makes you organism ‘sugar high’. BESO Concentrado de Agave is an organic product, meaning that that the production is sustainable and free from pesticides.

What can I do with BESO?

BESO is a product that can be used in different types of preparations, sweets, savory dishes and cocktails. In this link you can find a long list of options and complete recipes, aside from the complementary recipes you receive along with the gift box.

How does the personalized message work?

Each present box includes a personalized greeting card. During check out, you’ll be able to pick one of the standard phrases or write one out of your own inspiration. We at BesodeAgave will write this by hand to give it a nice personal touch.

If the package is to be sent to yourself, you can leave the message in blank when ordering and then write the greeting yourself for you to give the BESO away to whom you please.

How fast can the Gift Pack be delivered?  

The packages are shipped weekdays in the Stockholm Area through Ryska Posten, by Budbee in the of South Sweden, and DHL/TNT for Northern Sweden, all delivered according to their own terms of service. Normally, the parcels arrive at the postal agent or desired address 1-2 business days after the chosen date of dispatch. Goods shipped north of Hudiksvall and Gotland can take 2-3 working days.

Can I send a BESO outside of Sweden?

Love should not be restrained by borders, however this service is not yet automatically provided through this website. We’re working on solving this as soon as humanly possible. In the meantime, you can send us an e-mail with your request, and we’ll make sure to reply with a quotation.

I haven’t got my confirmation e-mail. What do I do?

After your order is placed, the system sends an automatically generated confirmation email with all of the information regarding your order. Please look in the spam filter or other automatic filter you might have set up in your mail service that might intercede with this email coming through into your inbox. If for any reason you don’t get the message feel free to contact us by phone at +46 8309855. We will be happy to reply ASAP, however online contact might be limited to working hours kl 9 – 17:30.

Which are the available payment options?

You can choose from these payment methods:

  • Card payment (VISA, MasterCard, or American Express) Trough Stripe system.
  • Payment with Klarna trough Stripe.
  • Payment with Swish.
Which are the shipping costs?
  • Standard shipping 75 SEK/package shipped to private individuals and company addresses in the Stockholm area.
  • Standard shipping 97 SEK/package shipped to private individuals and company addresses in the South of Sweden.
  • Standard shipping 97 – 253 SEK/package shipped to private individuals and company addresses in the North of Sweden.